Dog Bangles

Dog Bangles

Our Sterling Silver Bangles open for Charms

Bangles make great dividers when stacking FineARF bracelets 


These Bangles are SOLID. They will not dent or break. They work with tension which can be recreated instantly if need be. The Bangles open and close with an invisible yet very easy to use clasp so they don’t interfere with life. Best way to keep silver beautiful is to wear it.

 They are made as an oval — like the wrist. They fit and don’t annoy. They can be dressed up or down, be plain or loaded with silver and rubber beads as well as a few charms. Round Bangles are far easier to make. It never made sense to me because the wrist is not a peg.

 We have created a unique system with our rubber rings that allows for multiple looks.


 Our charms bales were made specifically to fit our bangles without looking like a wire on a band. The charms can be separated or grouped all together. And if one day you don’t want to wear charms at all, take them off.

 We use everything from link to leather to wraps with chain. Our different bangles styles allow for any number of combinations. Like all our bracelets, these beauties are handmade, starting with pulling the wire.