Labrador Retriever Charm Large

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Sterling Silver
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Handmade Bale


What can be said about a lab that hasn't already been cooed over. Try taking a young lab for a walk off leash and getting him to come back when called. He will look you straight in the eye and then bound in the opposite direction. The family lab is so loved, no one notices the copious shedding. Made of Heavy weight .925 Sterling Silver, it's oxidized then polished at the wheel to bring out the rich detail. Wear it as a pendant on a chain or as a charm on a bracelet. Our Key Rings are perfect for the charms. The original piece stands almost 1" tall and is used for our Labrador Retriever Cuff Links that will certainly make your dog lover happy. Made in New York City of sterling silver. It's rich in detail, weighs 6.7 grams and measures almost 1 inch tall. A perfect miniature of the Labrador

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