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American Bridle Leather and Brass


American Bridle Leather Dog Collar for Small Breeds

The 2 name plates are hand polished brass that are deeply engraved and made to last. We offer a fun engraved plate for the leash that reads "Fluffy's Leash"-- or whatever...

  • These bridle leather collars will increase in beauty.
  • The leather will soften
  • The collar must be cared for it like a fine piece of furniture. The reward is an exquisitely supple and rich feeling leather collar.
  • It is a collar worthy of the best of friends and the truest of companions.
  • The collar is guaranteed for it's quality when treated properly.
  • The collar is 100% USA made between the states of NY, VA, RI and CA. The buckle is from California but might be imported from Taiwan -- for full disclosure

Warranty Information

Measuring for the FineARF Dog Collar:  Use the collar that the dog currently wears. Measure the length from the hole in use to the center of the buckle - or the end of the length of strap. We stand behind our product High Quality is our standard