Lisa Greene Bio continued

What I really wanted to do was make miniatures. Once the dog idea was gaining legs, Neiman Marcus became the largest seller of the dog charms. Then began asking for other charms. And we made them. Over the course of 11 years we made 200 plus non-dog charms, and developed a charm line unparalleled in it's detail and craftsmanship. We make a chunky handmade signature piece of silver that is elegant, substantial and eye catching. Being a dog person is not the total picture. You might be a mountain climbing dog lover or a sun worshiper, like me. We offer a charm of your dog with his name engraved on the back, but if you're love happens to be shopping, you can have a silver shopping bag with the name of your favorite stores: even if it's Neiman Marcus and Costco.

I didn't want my charm bracelets to be like all the others: kind of nondescript and sad looking unless it's filled to the max. I wanted my charms bigger and more detailed. I wanted to be able to wear just one charm that didn't look lonely. So, we made a chunky link bracelet with a radical puzzle ball clasp ... it was a hit. Just an elegantly proportioned link, completely handmade. The idea was simple. We made many so you could wear them together and look fabulous with or without charms. We added bangles in a variety of styles, each with an invisible closure, each feeling more comfortable and part of your body than you ever thought a bracelet could.

This year we celebrate 25 years in business. The character of our pieces hasn't changed. Neither have the standards. We are still looking to dress that woman who prefers her own taste, who knows what she wants, and recognizes good value on quality. FineARF has a sense of fun. It feels rich and luxurious, but doesn't take itself too seriously...

Our jewelry is handmade in North America by skilled artisans, and hand finished: each piece going through a rigorous polishing process to achieve the deep luster and shine that characterizes our charms. We don't skimp on the silver either! Fine Arf pieces are substantial, hefty, generous. And they look it.

We are still that boutique company I started in my apartment on a baker's tray while trolling the park with my dog for customers. Our story might not be as good as my barefoot grandmother stepping off the boat, but is has been a crazy ride.

Please take a moment to cruise our selections. I guarantee you will be surprised and delighted with the variety of pieces, and the opportunities available for creating custom jewelry for yourself or your best friends, canine or human.