Horse Clasp Braided Columbian Leather Bracelet

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Leather and Sterling Silver
Closure Type:
Hand Fabricated Silver Clasp
6 - 8 Part Braided Leather


This Handmade Horse Clasp Bracelet has little Horse heads set in a Gorgeous Silver Clasp

The clasp is paired with an unusual 8 part braided Columbian leather. It's beautiful and soft, unlike many braided leather used today, now unavailable.

A spectacular feat in engineering, the clasp on this bracelet will have you smiling. Once the male pin is fitted thru the female tube, the clasp is locked. The cover comes down over the mechanism and completes the security of the clasp. This seamlessly matching cover closes with a loud click when firmly locked, the sign of fine workmanship.  Completing the look at the back is a matching silver band.

Made in New York City 2017

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