Braided Leather Choker

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Leather and Sterling Silver
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Braided Leather Choker

All sterling silver components are hand made - truly hand made that starts with smelting your own mix of sterling. Columbian leather we usThis is not a fancy necklace meant for a ball. What it is, is amazingly comfortable and practically weightless. The 17" length allows the braid to round the neck, creating a flattering line allowing the ring to rest at your clavicle. 

This sporty yet stylish necklace works with or without charms.

I like it with at least one charm and recommend the large size. Choose the Large Dog below. Whatever charm(s) you hang from the ring are also permanently attached. Any and all will work, although I do recommend using the larger size. This necklace is bold and a small charm would be lost and lonely.

 Lisa says:  I love wearing a necklace I can't feel. And this is a perfect example. I wanted to make a necklace that you didn't have to fasten at the back. The opening of this choker is not visible but it is in the front. The 2 hooks on either side of the center ring hold the answer. One side, the right, will never open. The left hook, however, will allow the ring to slip thru when the ring is positioned just so. The secret is at the back of the ring where a small area has been filed down to be thinner than the rest of the ring. When that thin part is moved to align with the left hook, the ring slips from the hook and it's open!

The idea was to have no clasp at the back. To accomplish this we used the ring. By filing down a small area of the ring, we were able to make it thin enough to slide thru the opening of the hook.

8 Part Columbian Leather Braid

This is not your run of the mill braided leather jewelry bought off a barefoot hippie. Our braid comes from high in the mountains of Columbia. It's an 8 piece braid which far more intricate and beautiful than the 6 strand variety made by machine. There is a core at the center helping the leather to maintain it's shape. Both the sterling silver hooks and ring are beautifully hand crafted without benefit of modern technology. They are joined together at a length of 17". This Braided Leather Necklace has sterling silver hook clasps holding the center ring.

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